Personal development and how it helps with your career as a leader

All men are created equal, but in the long run, some turn out to be more equal than the others. It’s not everyone that has what it takes to be a LEADER, few of them are gifted while the majority of them goes through life learning processes to become leaders.

These processes are not corporate processes but are personal because they get to know who they are, their weakness and strength, their abilities, capacities, threats and many more. These discoveries make them decide accurately in the future.

Like it is always said, “ A Leader is one who has genuine stories to tell.” Those stories are gotten from their developmental processes.

A Leader is not developed overnight, but it’s a skill that can be improved over time and here are some personal developmental processes that can be engaged to help build a stable LEADERSHIP CAREER ;

1. Write Down Your Goals

Be relaxed, get a cup of coffee and document what you have in mind, the skills you want to improve on and develop, the things you intend to do from a personal perspective. The goal becomes the sight through which you act and decide.

2. Know your Strength

This gives you confidence and certainty of what you can execute. Knowing your strength also gives you sight on the specific area to improve on

3. Know your weakness

Good knowledge of this gives you maturity as it helps you to maintain your boundaries. You automatically have an idea of your DO’s and DONT’s.

4. Find Your Purpose

A quote from Simon Sinek says, “ people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.“ Your “purpose” is the bedrock of your ability to be efficient in your role and will continue to water you to greatness. Understanding your “why” will help you to be more efficient now and in your future roles. That is the zeal that keeps you going.

5. Always Be Closing Learning

This is always taught in business development, and you might have come across it. ABC “Always Be Closing”

Everyone has one thing or the other to develop; a skill which can be technical, technological, soft skills, or a vast knowledge of how to use a tool. You can hook up with skilled and link with an expert in the field.

6. Engage in Skilled Volunteering

This helps you to gain a lot of experience which is the core of leadership. Most especially if it is internationally acclaimed, it adds to your resume.

7. Work With A Mentor

The shortcut to becoming a successful leader is to be mentored by one. This process takes you directly into the game; you automatically become aware of the in and out of where you are going to. You are being shown how to walk step by step and how to run when you need to.

In conclusion, Leaders of today were servants yesterday and are still servants till date. Humility is the pillar that makes a Leader stand firm.

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