“The most powerful tool known to man is his mind,” this is a very profound statement as the human mind is known to possess a lot of power and capabilities if only appropriately harnessed. Have you ever wondered why the thought is what tricksters try to get to get the better of you or have you ever wondered how easy it is to achieve a thing once your mind is set on it? It is all in your mind. The power to conquer or be defeated is all in your mind. With this foundation in place, we will be talking about some significant shifts you should embrace to develop a growth mindset.

Believe in yourself

This is the first significant issue you have to address; you are a product of your own beliefs. The limitations you have are from a place of understanding that you really can’t do a thing. Believing in yourself is entirely different from having a complex, it reaches deep into tearing down failures and regrets you have had about yourself. The sooner you come into the green and seeing the good in yourself, the faster you get to bring yourself closer to that growth mindset. Learn to forgive yourself and start on the path of holding on to the right traits you have, if it is a talent, develop it, if it is a skill improve it, if it is a strength, make it better. Do not, I repeat, do not let anyone define you. Always have this in mind, ” if you throw stones at every barking dog, you will never get to your destination.

Reshape your thinking

This is equally as important as believing in yourself. How you think and what your beliefs are will dictate your actions and habits.  The most beautiful thing you can do for is to change the way you think. Whether we like it or not, crap happened, but don’t let that define where you are going. Identify the things that influence your thinking and get rid of them. Trust me, you will feel like a free person. If they or it does not lift you up or add value. You do not need that in your life. I REPEAT, YOU DO NOT NEED THAT IN LIFE…  Get it rid of it!


Albert Einstein once said, “it is insanity to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.” If whatever it is you are doing is not challenging you, it is not going to change you. It is entirely normal to be scared that it will not work out. Alternatively, it might fail. However, that is the process of growing. Trust it.  Sometimes we get stuck thinking that the one way we know how is the only way. My dear friends, many have attempted what you are probably doing. Google it or ask someone. It is a way, but no the only way.  Find what works for you and keep pushing through. 

Focus on getting out of your comfort zone and try things the things that are scary or difficult. Being scared is good. The body works in this manner. Stretch beyond what you currently know, you only become better at trying to learn new things, then and only then can repeating make absolute sense,  you do not need to repeat what is perfect already. 

These are mainly a few of the fundamentals you need to put in place when developing a growth mindset.

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